The Mastic Volunteer Ambulance Company, founded in 1957, provides emergency medical services to Mastic, Mastic Beach, Shirley, and THE surrounding communities within the town of Brookhaven. Mastic ambulance is staffed by over 60 volunteers who respond to more than 2,000 calls for help each year.

The Challenges of the Area Served

Mastic is a highly diverse community which provides numerous challenges to the volunteer members.  While primarily responsible for residential emergencies, Mastic responds to a variety of settings including the waterways of Forge River and Moriches Bay, the Long Island Railroad at the Mastic/Shirley train station, the Brookhaven Calabro Airport, and some of the busiest roadways in Suffolk County. The district is comprised of people with a multidue of demographics who vary in age, race, and socioeconomic status. The ease of navigating multi-lane roadways can give way to accessing emergency scenes by way of dirt roads with no landmarks. Our area also encompasses 5 schools and a booming adolescent population. The Mastic Ambulance district is a well-rounded community that affords our members interesting challenges and the unique experience to handle various situations in atypical environments.

The Members

            The department is recognized by the New York State Department of Health as an Advanced Life Support Agency. The company currently has more than 15 members trained and certified as Advanced Life Support providers. These members have the ability to bring advanced care to patients in their homes.
            The members of the company have an extraordinary variety of training and experience. More than half of the members of the Mastic Ambulance Company work in paying professions involving EMS. In addition to volunteering, our members work as dispatchers, firefighters, police officers, as well as EMT’s and Paramedics their time off.  Mastic members are dedicated to their community and to EMS.

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Those interested in receiving more information on becoming members may click here, or call 631-281-HELP (4357).

Our Infrastructure and Equipment

            The headquarters of Mastic Ambulance Company is located at 1630 Montauk Highway, in Mastic. From this location, our four advanced life support ambulances and two first-response vehicles respond to emergencies.

Professional Affiliations

            The Mastic Ambulance Company, along with our neighboring fire departments and ambulance companies, recognizes the need for cooperation among our agencies during large scale events or when call volume drains available resources. The Mastic Ambulance Company has established mutual aide policies and has integrated technology with neighboring departments. We also recognize all of our supporters and volunteer's businesses. We'd like to give mention to a friend of the department and who is the owner of a home inspection company that has just recently started a branch right here in Mastic. If you would like to show support then visit The Mastic Ambulance Company and Shirley Ambulance Company co-sponsor an Advanced Life Support First Responder Program – the first of its kind. The ALS Responder operates every day between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. The two companies also have unified radio communications. Each department can now communicate with each other on “private” radio frequencies in order to coordinate operations.

First Responder Program

           In June, 2006, Mastic Ambulance Company started a paid first responder program in an effort to ensure that people with the highest training and certification are readily available to the community. This program is designed to ensure a rapid response to the patient and the highest care possible. To apply for an Advanced Life Support First Responder position, click here, or call 631-281-HELP (4357).